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Who Will Hold Management Positions at the Wisconsin Foxconn Plant?



  • Hideo Taniguchi- Hideo joined Sharp Corporation in 1989. In 2009, he became the General Manager for the new plant construction and Sakai Manufacturing Complex Construction Group. In 2011, he became the Executive Officer of Sharp Display Products Corporation (SDP). In 2016, he was appointed as President of Sakai Display Product Corporation. He was the Executive Vice President and member of the board of Sakai Display Product Corporation until taking on his role at Foxconn.


  • Cy Kao- CY is the Vice President of Global Operations at Foxconn for D Group. He was promoted to the role in February 2016 and is responsible for advancing profitable growth strategies and improving operation performance. Since joining Foxconn in 1999, CY has held a variety of leadership roles in supply chain management, manufacturing, and information technology systems. CY also serves on the Board of Directors for Smart Technologies.


  • Young Ching Hong- Young has a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and is a licensed architect in the State of California. After he graduated from UWM, he joined Ch2M Hill as a construction engineer. He has worked with and consulted on various sized projects with clients from the U.S., Japan and Taiwan.


Other individuals involved in the Wisconsin Foxconn project include Dr. Louis Woo, Executive Director of the Flying Eagle U.S. Project and Mr. Alan Yeung, Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives. Dr. Woo has an undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford University and has an extensive background in electronics-related industries, including 12 years at Apple Computers from 1985-1997. Mr. Yeung graduated in 1984 from UW Madison with a degree in chemical engineering and has an MBA from Cal-Berkeley and a Ph. D. in chemical engineering from Stanford University.

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