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Gov. Scott Walker and the EITMZ



What is this new “Electronics & Information Technology Manufacturing Zone’ and why was it created?

Approaching every negotiation it is often said that the person that prepares the most attractive presentation will nearly always emerge the victor. Having promised the people of the State of Wisconsin he would create 250,000 new jobs, Governor Walker wanted to create something that would catch the notice of the high tech industry and, hopefully, attract thousands of long-term jobs.

To this end, the EITMZ was created. There are many moving parts to this concept, but the goal is to simply attract a high tech firm that would commit to offering many residents employment in an industry that can offer longevity and a working wage.

While Foxconn was considering Wisconsin as a hedge against tariffs and trade restrictions touted by the Trump administration, they most certainly have stated that a primary factor in signing on to the project in Wisconsin, is the State Legislature’s willingness to “be the second hand needed for applause”.

The zone provides the definitive legislative instrument to offer tax credits equaling 17% of employee wages (between 30,000 and 100,000 per annum) up to 2,000.000.00 per year and a 15% tax credit for capital acquisitions either within the guise of the project of in the state and affiliated with the project.

The EITMZ has, furthermore, removed many of the criteria that a project of this stature would otherwise have to meet.

No environmental impact statement is needed, no DNR permits required to build on wetlands, no replacement of wetlands should they fill in any, etc.

Certainly our children and our children’s children will know more of the ultimate impact of Foxconn.

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