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Foxconn Never Intended to do What Taxpayers Were Told

Since I began researching and making extensive notes on so many areas, every aspect of Foxconn, I don’t know what is the most important part of Foxconn and Walker’s credibility on the initial reason Foxconn would be worth the money we give/ pay them.

Foxconn did not come to Wisconsin to make Gen. 10.5 LCD TVs. And there’s evidence that they had other plans. Quite a bit of evidence. For instance, in order to produce those 65 to 75-inch screens, they need a producer of the large glass substrate, such as Corning, who is presently in Asia. It is needed to be in close proximity to the plant. Corning has not ever agreed to relocate here. Therefore the large TVs were never intended to be made.

Due to this change of plans, Foxconn’s investment will be much less. The levels of low-skilled people will not be needed as robots will do assembly work. Only a small amount of that 13,000 will be hired.

Also, before the Foxconn contract was voted on, they had made unrelated deals to TVs and met with several companies also. Like ginseng was a deal prior to early August of 2017. Reference to this in The Appleton Post Crescent, August 7th, 2017.

We will see how many changes appear in the contract and how Walker’s promises alter or change.

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