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US-China Trade War Could Benefit Foxconn in Wisconsin



With signs the trade war between the United States and China are deepening, economists say Foxconn will continue to suffer, but in Wisconsin, there could be some benefits.

President Donald Trump tweeted last week that beginning Sept. 1, $300 billion worth of goods from China currently being taxed at 10 percent, will be subject to a 15 percent tariff. And beginning Oct. 1, $250 billion worth of other goods will be subject to tariffs of 30 percent, up from the 25 percent previously announced.

Foxconn makes more than half of its money by manufacturing Apple products in China. Because of the tariffs, the company will continue to look for ways to manufacture more products domestically, said Erik Johnson, a professor of economics at Carthage College…

Listen to the Wisconsin Public Radio Broadcast:

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