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Could Foxconn Impact This Threatened Species in WI?



The Line between State and Federal jurisdiction may be drawn by a flower:

The Eastern Prairie White-Fringed Orchid is a beautiful flower, but it could certainly ugly up the landscape of progress for the Foxconn project in Wisconsin.

The Foxconn site is planted right in the midst of the 133 square miles known as the Des Plaines River Watershed- and the White-Fringed Orchid enjoys residency in that watershed.  While elected officials abnegated all environmental rules preemptively to keep something messy like protecting the environment out of the mix with their negotiations, they may have been short-sighted in preparation for what falls under Federal jurisdiction and what is within State jurisdiction.


According to 50 CFR/17.3 of the Endangered Species Act (see Babbitt versus Sweet Home Chapter of Community for a Great Oregon) the Foxconn project may well wander into the category of “criminal acts”.


The Endangered Species Act of 1973 is very clear in its protection of wildlife and plants that are endangered. Guess what little flower is on the federal “threatened species list”- you guessed it…

The White-Fringed Orchid

wisconsin foxconn plant could impact the white-fringed orchid