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Terry Gou Part 3: The Salesman



It was Mr. Gou’s personality that served as the key to all of the open doors at major companies. He would humbly approach the receptionist and take a sincere interest in the gatekeeper. Often, he could be seen running to get the receptionist coffee or tea and then, after befriending them, would ask who the decision-makers were, when do they come in to work, etc.  In quick order, these large companies would agree to try Gou’s products.

The biggest break came back in China. A new “up and comer” named Michael Dell was in Southern China. Gou knew from meeting him that he was going to be a leader in his industry, so he agreed to give him a ride to the airport- on the way to the airport, Gou simply went for it and deviated from the route by taking Dell to his manufacturing facility! In the end, Dell hired Hon Hai to make many of the parts that went into their computer.

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terry gou the ceo of foxconn is nothing more than a salesman