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Terry Gou Part 5: In Conclusion



Perhaps there are two Terry Gou’s- The entrepreneurial innovator named Terry Gou that we are getting to know in America… The one that is physically fit, a talented dancer, who can make something from nothing, who is a loved beneficiary of the city where his family started and the one who (with his second wife) is giving 90 % of his net worth away to charity. The one that gave over 460 million dollars to Taiwan University for cancer research after losing his wife to breast cancer and brother to leukemia.

And then there is Guo Taiming…the politically connected Taiwanese Presidential hopeful who describes his own business as a “righteous dictatorship”, makes his management team stand at attention when they disagree with him, refers to his employments as human animals, and slaps his brother for falling asleep at a machine when he worked at Foxconn.

One thing is for certain- the people in Southeastern Wisconsin are about to find out which Terry Gou is going to become their neighbor and fellow corporate resident.

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the many faces of foxconn ceo terry gou