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Study Shows Foxconn Jobs Are Not Worth the Cost



Foxconn jobs may cost state taxpayers between $172,000 to $290,000 per job and Wisconsin might only receive benefits equal to only about one-fifth of Foxconn direct incentive costs.

These dire economic outcomes were part of an economic analysis released Monday by Upjohn Institute for Employment Research senior economist Tim Bartik, who has been closely monitoring the Foxconn project. Gov. Tony Evers’ administration sought the guidance as Foxconn’s plans changed from what was agreed upon in the 2017 contract with then-Gov. Scott Walker.

“The main conclusion is that Foxconn-level incentives are extremely costly per job,” Bartik explains, “whether compared to typical incentives in the U.S., Wisconsin past practices, or recent incentive offers to Amazon by New York and Virginia.”…

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