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Robin Vos Tight-Lipped on Foxconn



We reached out to Robin Vos’ office to ask that he take a quick ten question written survey to offer Vos’ thoughts on the Wisconsin Foxconn project to our readers. Such a gargantuan project would provoke dialogue and transparency, one would think, in today’s Wisconsin- but, this is not the case with the Foxconn project thus far.

Our staff was directed to a Kit Beyer in Vos’ office. Beyer inquired as to the basis for any questions and legitimacy of the website and its affiliates. There has been no interest in answering reasonable questions about this project, and Vos’ group has summarily dismissed our organization. Apparently, there was not enough potential for grabbing headlines or our questions probed too much and Vos doesn’t think that taxpayers deserve to have their questions answered. Below is our short survey in its entirety, left unanswered by Wisconsin’s House Speaker-

  1. Is the Foxconn project good for Wisconsin?
  2. What will the lowest wage be at Foxconn? The highest?
  3. How many full time jobs, paying over 50,000 do you think Foxconn will bring to Wisconsin?
  4. Do you agree with Mayor John Antaramian’s decision to reject the project for Wisconsin?
  5. With the project being located in Mt. Pleasant, will it create added infrastructure, Police
    or Fire support?
  6. Will this project be an economic gain or cost for the State in the long run?
  7. How much water will Foxconn use every day?
  8. Are there any risks to the environment? If so, what are they? If not, how do you respond
    to others who say there are risks of heavy metals in the area soil, as well as water and
  9. Can Foxconn change the direction or reroute the Pike River or build on lake Michigan
    without a permit?
  10. Will Foxconn purchase products and services from Wisconsin companies or will they build
    a self-contained and vertically integrated facility?

Already, this project has made predictable steps towards removal of the people most affected by this development. The true progressive nature of Wisconsin has been hijacked by the goal of economic/political gain.

For the record, the people who have established are area residents who have lived their lives in Wisconsin- given this fact, one could say, we are simply taxpayers wanting to know about a project involving more of our monies than any other in the history of this fine state. This is not a private project that is someone else’s business- this project is more the business of the people of Wisconsin than it is anyone else’s! It involves 3 billion dollars of taxpayers income, longstanding residents being uprooted, and the use of vital resources formerly promised to our grandchildren. There should be no shroud of secrecy and there should be no dismissal of inquiry.

robin vos refuses to speak about Foxconn deal