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Mount Pleasant Citizens Left in Peril by Village Board



“You will be out of your home by August 1st, one way or another.”

This is the message some Mount Pleasant residents are getting from the Mount Pleasant Village Board.  According to a village resident who wishes to remain anonymous, the board’s early posture was to “simply not work with them” but to force them out of their homes- “We found out this was all happening on October 4th, attended a meeting on October 11th and were given letters telling us our properties faced condemnation immediately.”  

Since the October meeting, there have been a number of back and forth exchanges which could be properly described as “cat and mouse” games.  “The original Phase I of the project has become Phase II and the original Phase I flopped positions with the original Phase II- this was in response to a large land owner holding out on the selling price”,  stated the resident. Now, residents who were not in the original mix had to prepare themselves.

During the meeting where the “new Phase I” was voted on, the new site plan was “redacted with a green blob”- “We were not able to see any site plan online nor before the meeting it was voted on.” “All along, we have been lied to and left out. Now it seems too late. Contracts are signed and they seem to be on a fast track.”

The very citizens whose tax money and commitment were needed to attract the multi-billion dollar enterprise to Mount Pleasant are the first ones to be alienated by the officials they elected.

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