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What Kind of Jobs Will Foxconn Bring to Wisconsin?



Many have wondered what kind of jobs Foxconn might bring to the area. Certainly, after the exodus of Chrysler, the average wage in the Kenosha/Racine area has dropped significantly.  The local economy diversified, but it was not out of the ordinary to see full time wages offered in the 12-13 dollar per hour category.

Residents have become guarded when approached with the notion that another large employer will come to the area to become their savior.

According to the WEDC, average earners at Foxconn will make a living wage. The average wage is scripted to be $25.90 per hour.  Also detailed in the accord is the offering of competitive benefits- workers will be considered “full time” employees and qualify for health insurance, PTO and other benefits if they average 1,560 hours per week. And, full time employees will average the normal 2080 hours worked per year.

While some remain skeptical, an annual average salary of 53,872.00 has the potential of dramatically increasing home ownership and creating a flourishing local economy.

Below is a chart from the WEDC review of the project, its categories, etc.


For the purpose of clarification, the technical name of the company entering into agreement with the State of Wisconsin is SIO International and both AFE and FEWI are affiliated, as well.


what kind of jobs will foxconn bring to wisconsin?