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An Interview With State Rep. Barca & Ohnstad: Part 5



Watersheds and Conclusion


FCW- So, is it your understanding that this project will not need any waters from the DesPlaines watershed nor have an impact on it? The Kilbourn Road Ditch runs right through the Foxconn property, down through Chateau Plaines (a Pleasant Prairie subdivision)- residents have obviously seen what happened in Houston with over-development and are concerned with the same happening here. Do you see this project having any impact on the Des Plaines watershed.

Ohnstad- No, I have heard nothing from anyone that there will be any water needs coming from the DesPlaines watershed. The DNR guy in charge, I believe his name is Morrone, has expressed no concerns about this and he is a good guy on the environment. I must make special note of one thing- in the past, many companies, small and large, have wanted to build on or around watershed and have had to replace watersheds to the factor of 120% to replenish any loss to watersheds. Foxconn has to replace any watershed properties they fill in by a factor of 2 to 1, so if they fill in anything on their property, they have to replace it times two.


FCW- Thank you gentlemen. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Ohnstad- There is only one downside to the Foxconn project and it is that Peter Barca is no longer the House Minority Leader because of it.

Barca- I am proud of our decision to support this project and I stand by it. There are so many people that are thankful we supported this project- especially small business owners. Just the other day I had a small business owner come up to me and say, “I usually do not support , but have to say thank you for supporting Foxconn. This will be huge for small businesses in the area”.


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