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An Interview With State Rep. Barca & Ohnstad: Part 1


on sat down with State Representatives Peter Barca and Tod Ohnstad from Kenosha earlier this month. To follow is Part One of the interview.


FCW- “Foxconn? Good or Bad?”


Barca- “Obviously, for our area, if this materializes with 13,000 jobs at $52,000 per year wages on average, plus a quarter billion in infrastructure improvements and 20 million in worker training funds, it is a huge plus for the area.”

Ohnstad- “Not just $52,000.00 on average, but the median wage will be $52,000.00- the average and median are within $7.00 of each other. In addition to all of the direct benefits from the Foxconn project, we already have companies wanting to set up shop close to the Foxconn site to sell to Foxconn- Dow Corning has expressed an interest in building a plant near the Foxconn facility to provide them with glass.”


FCW- “Will suppliers like Dow Corning automatically enjoy all of the same benefits of the EITMZ as Foxconn with tax incentives and all?”


Barca- “No, it is an entirely separate matter and not part of the EITMZ legislation.”

Ohnstad- “No, they will not.”


FCW- “Does the agreement equal the legislation, then? Does Act 58, wherein the EITMZ (Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Zone) is established, state that the wages will be $52,000? The agreement, itself, doesn’t carry a guarantee from Foxconn, does it?”


Barca- “They (Foxconn) do not get a nickel unless they create at least 3,000 jobs at 15.00 per hour plus benefits.”

Ohnstad- “That is over $30,000.00 per year. Already, companies like Amazon , in my opinion, are increasing the wages they offer to attract and keep a workforce. The assemblers at Foxconn are set to make $20.00 per hour. We might see the $15.00 per hour being offered by Amazon and others increase to $16.00 or $17.00 per just because Foxconn is coming and talking about paying workers more.”


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