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Know the Impact of Rollbacks



Do you understand the rollbacks in environment rules built into the Foxconn accord?

Isn’t it exciting to have a multibillionaire become your neighbor? Oh, the prospects of sharing in the wealth…”I could become rich!” “My entire family will have a place to work and make a great living!” “Our local businesses will thrive because of all of the support from the thousands of new employees building LCD TVs!”

As the old adage goes, “be careful what you wish for.” Often times, the filthy rich will only share the filth part and not much of the riches.

Sure, at times the skeptic in us gets carried away- picturing black helicopters and spies at every turn. But sometimes if it quacks like a duck… well, you get the picture.
Everyone is so tuned into the JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Frequency that it becomes difficult to tune in any other frequency. Jobs are great, but history has proven that the best of things take time and good honest hard work. We don’t have to quickly toss posterity under the bus of greed just so a group of legislators can claim an economic victory.
Aren’t you just a little bit curious about the down side? Certainly, if there is a down side, don’t you want to prepare for it- or, at least, prepare your children and grandchildren for it?

An analysis of the environmental rollbacks sets off multiple alarms:

1) Foxconn is allowed to fill in existing wetlands without any involvement from the government, nor any need for a permit. In the past, all companies would have to provide an environmental impact study, apply for permits, obtain approval, etc. With Foxconn, all rules are off. They can fill wetlands at will, including after they are open and operational- not just during the time they are building their 1.6 square mile complex.
2) The law also exempts Foxconn from creating new wetlands to replace any they have filled in. In the past, any company that would fill in a wetlands would have to create anew to replace what they have destroyed. Not Foxconn- no requirement at all.
3) Foxconn can, without any permission or permit, change or straighten the course of a stream.
4) Foxconn can build on any lake or stream without any permit.

Remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”? The people of the fine state of Wisconsin may just learn the true meaning of it.

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