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Hey ‘Tim Apple’ – Watch Foxconn



Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook should not pay attention to President Trump mistakenly calling him “Tim Apple.” What Cook should worry about is the whole array of problems that Apple has to deal with in the immediate future. A slowdown in China economy, the surge of China nationalism because of the trade war, forex-induced iPhone price inflation, and a longer update cycle do not paint Apple in an encouraging picture. As Apple possess one of the largest global supply chains and Foxconn/Hon Hai (OTCPK: HNHAY) is Apple’s largest supplier in China, its short-term revenue outlook should provide an early signal about the China slowdown that Tim Cook was referring to in late 2018.

In addition, Foxconn’s financial provides another advantage. Based on contributor Robert Faulkner, “In Taiwan, all public companies must report monthly revenue by the 10th of the following month to MOPS (Market Observation Post System).” As Foxconn is a Taiwanese public company, it provides monthly revenue, which is not required in the U.S…

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