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Foxconn Wisconsin Wages: What Will They Really Be?



What will the wages be at Foxconn?

$25.90 per hour, $14.43 per hour or $10.88 per hour?

To every agreement, there are stipulations- and, the Devil may or may not reside in these details. The agreement between the people of the State of Wisconsin and Foxconn offers varied perspectives on the wages to be paid to its future employees.

On one hand, there is the much-talked-about accord between Foxconn and Wisconsin- the WEDC has offered a spreadsheet with details as to the intended pay for various positions in multiple categories and the average wage is expressed as $25.90 per hour.

Then there is the document created by our legislature entitled “Act 58” which details requirements for those setting up shop in the newly-created zone for Foxconn (the Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Zone). Section 71.07 of this act specifies that a full time employee must work a minimum of 2080 hours per year and that their wage be at least $30,000.00 ($14.43 per hour)- that is the wage required in the EITMZ for a Tier II community (Mt. Pleasant is a township which is designated as Tier II).

Finally, it may be an imperative that one pay special attention to where the boundary lines are between what is within a township and what lands in Racine County; counties are considered Tier I communities and as such are required to pay a minimum wage (to receive EITMZ credits and benefits) of at least 150% of the Federal Minimum Wage – or $10.88 per hour.

Whatever the wage, Foxconn will get a large check at the end of each year for 17% of all wages paid between the minimum and $100,000.00 (the maximum creditable wage).

People of the state of Wisconsin will find out more as the facility commences operation. However, as the sages always say, “time will tell”.

what will the wisconsin foxconn wages really be