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Foxconn, the WEDC, and the Numbers Game



Many perspectives are brought to the forefront, but rarely is the “number crunching” side of things fodder for exciting conversation. However, with the Foxconn project, lives are at stake- and people’s livelihoods are on the line.

People from all walks of life have been involved with the Foxconn project. There is much talk about the cost to taxpayers- and, the politicians continue to have fluidity in their stances- proponents cite the payback of the project as having exponential benefits-

WEDC report of break even analysis and ROI analysis for foxconn in wi

There are differing views, certainly, but as to the “bottom line” value (or cost as it were) that the Foxconn project brings to Wisconsin… The above document represents the WEDC’s perspective on the subject.

Was the WEDC playing the numbers game to make Foxconn look better than it was?