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Is the Foxconn Project “Up To” “Average”?



The agreement between the state and Foxconn is woven with adjectives of ambiguity- “average”, “up to”, etc. In longstanding friendships, this language might seem innocuous. However, in legal agreements between two culturally-different groups of people from opposite ends of the planet, small words can have a huge effect.

The way the Foxconn agreement reads, they will employ “up to 13,000 employees at an average salary of $53,875.00…” Many skeptics have called into question the liberal use of the words like “average” and “up to”- certainly, such blurry language does not offer legal clarity if a misunderstanding should arise. Imagine, for example, you want to sell your car and put it on the notorious online marketplace craigslist with an asking price of $2,500. You receive a message from an interested buyer that says, “I will be by today and am prepared to pay you up to $2,500.00- such a world of difference between “I am prepared to pay you up to” and “I will pay you $2,500.00”.

Some would say that it seems to “persnickety” to get caught up on such minor language- or they might say, “why are you splitting hairs?” and question your reasoning.
However, one thing is certain: the most “persnickety” people are the lawyers who drew up the Foxconn agreement. These words definitely serve a specific purpose.

the foxconn deal in wisconsin uses amibiguous language for a reason