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Foxconn Criticized for “Yo-Yo” Hiring & Layoffs



As the world’s largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with more than 1.2 million workers, Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group has established more than 30 industrial parks across the Chinese mainland. According to incomplete statistics, seven of its industrial parks employ at least 980,000 workers.

While Foxconn offers an obvious boost to local employment and economic development, its development model also brings many side-effects, which is why local governments should be wary of the “Foxconn pitfalls” these large-scale OEMs bring…In short, while Foxconn and other OEMs may provide a remarkable lift to the local economy, their development model will also cause many side-effects. Therefore, local governments should be aware of the “Foxconn pitfalls” and take a cautious attitude toward holding large-scale OEMs, which cannot last forever…

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