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Chateau Eau Plaines: Could Foxconn Have an Impact on Drainage Issues?



Contained within the map of Phase I of the Foxconn project resides the Kilbourn Road Ditch, which runs south into Kenosha County and through the Chateau Eau Plaines subdivision in Pleasant Prairie. For years, residents have struggled with inadequate storm-water removal.

The Chateau Eau Plaines subdivision is located south of Highway 50 and west of 104th Avenue in Pleasant Prairie. The subdivision was platted in the 1970’s with the first phase constructed in 1977, prior to the time that our community had taken control of its own planning and development process. The first phase of the subdivision was constructed with a rural road design, relying on roadside ditches and culverts to convey storm water west to the Kilbourn Road ditch. The manner in which the ditches were constructed has resulted in a history of drainage issues and complaints. In addition to the ditches being flat, sump pumps in the area are very active, causing nuisance conditions. In response, the Village has completed past studies and design work to address the conditions, however, no solutions have yet been implemented.

Part of the Foxconn project agreement gives carte blanche to Foxconn to build on, reroute, or fill in any or all of the Kilbourn road ditch. The impact of any physical changes will remain unknown until after they are made by Foxconn, due to the fact that no permits are required for changes.

Time will tell whether or not this new facility will cause further storm water or other issues for residents of Chateau Eau Plaines.

foxconn could affect environment in wisconsin