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Brea, CA Location Says “Sorry, We Don’t Know Anything About Wisconsin”



Do you remember the flooding in western Kenosha County this year?  Or in recent history before this year?  

Many people lost thousands when their homes became submerged in flooding from the Fox River. Likewise, homes located in the 133 square miles in Wisconsin known as the Des Plaines Watershed have fallen victim to the intense flooding emanating from the Des Plaines river and its tributaries.

So, what does the Foxconn development have to do with flooding?  The answer is a lotAs our elected officials unilaterally threw environmental rollbacks into the mix for fear that the Hi-Tech giant based in Taiwan would be squeamish, posterity has been lost in the equation.

Foxconn will have the ability to change the decades-old tributary known as The Kilbourn Road Ditch without any oversight from the DNR – the company can fill in wetlands at their new location at will, change the directional flow of the tributary, build on the water… let’s just say, our elected officials wrote a blank check on our behalf.

The agreement with Foxconn has not magnified the marketing campaign that Wisconsin is “Open for Business”  it has redefined the mantra, “don’t leave money on the table”.  

There are times when the community makes a company and other times when the company makes the community- that later may prove true in the Foxconn/Wisconsin partnership.

A brief study in LCD/TFT manufacture fortifies the belief that such a manufacturing facility may not be in the best interests of either our environment or, more importantly, our role as benefactors to our children and grandchildren.

A phone call to Foxconn at the Brea, CA location (the only U.S. number) yielded an abrupt response about the people of Wisconsin and their concerns about the prospects of their new partnership with Foxconn- “I am sorry. I don’t know anything about Wisconsin or what is going on there.”

That is an okay response if you are expanding a flower shop and opening a location on the other side of the country – but this deal involves 3 billion dollars from the pockets of working citizens, the Speaker of the House, Senators, Congressman, a Governor and a President. You would think there might be a standard boilerplate response like, “We, at Foxconn, are all very excited about the prospect of commencing manufacture in the wonderful state of Wisconsin- we believe the citizens of that state are some of the hardest-working and honest people in the world.”

Instead, “I am sorry. I don’t know anything about Wisconsin and what is going on there.” I guess when you are worth billions of dollars you don’t really have to explain yourself to anyone, however, this country believes in inclusion and transparency…or perhaps not.

American Foxconn branch makes "no comment" on WI plant