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American Dream or American Nightmare: Part VIII



Jim and Kim Mahoney feel as though they have been steamrolled before they could even find out what was going to happen to their future. Now, when they ask about the future of their home they are treated as though their lives are none of their own business.

They have gone back and forth with various people representing the Foxconn project and our elected officials- all have offered them crumbs of information like they are the Lazarus of Racine County.

At one point, Mrs. Mahoney stated, “Everyone things we are just getting rich and being greedy and that could not be farther from the truth. We just want a fair price for our property.”   

Foxconn has certainly had its share of Public Relations problems- in the name of all that is right, an honest negotiation and doctrine of fairness is certainly not too much to ask.

Instead they have been addressed with dismissive arrogance and political techniques and posturing. Real progress should not be so ugly.

The assumption by the Mt. Pleasant Village Board of Trustees seems to have been that there starting point with area residents is to be adversarial. Instead of trusting their constituents first and negotiating openly and honestly, they handed out a document to tell them they did not have to negotiate- they could take their homes from them by using eminent domain.

Since that time, they have made no effort to lead the communication and have presented a litany of legal angles to maneuver around open and honest negotiation with their own constituents- their own residents- their neighbors. 


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