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American Dream or American Nightmare: Part VI



Throughout this process, letters and various written communications are very careful to sound open and helpful, but are intertwined with themes which incessantly remind the property owners of eminent domain, Statute 66.1333 regarding condemnation based upon an area being declared as “blighted”, etc. generally underscore the dialogue with a presumption that elected officials do not really have to help property owners at all.  

One case in point was a December 14th meeting with a relocation specialist who was going to help the Mahoneys “find a replacement home”- one Howard Allan.  Mr. Allan, a gentleman charged with assisting property owners with relocation benefits above and beyond the sale price for their homes, made it clear in a meeting that lasted roughly 1 ½ hours that he would be looking for three comparable properties for the couple.  Right after the first of the year, the Mahoneys checked in with him- “he said nobody was actually looking for property for us”.

Much like window dressing, to the public, all seems to be great… The Village gives an appearance that any and all dealings regarding Foxconn are win/win, when in reality the focus is on the bigger properties and at a cost to the smaller property owners.  Foxconn has no use for single-family homes and the Village Board knows this, so they are keeping smaller parcel owners at bay until the eminent domain specialists placed in charge by Foxconn can settle on an angle that will survive a legal battle and be less costly.  In the process, long-standing resident families are having their lives turned upside down.

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