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American Dream or American Nightmare: Part V



Kim Mahoney left the sidebar meeting on October 11th and walked directly over to the Project Manager hired by Mt. Pleasant, Claude Lois, who was standing in front of a plat map of the project.

She pointed to the spot on the map where she lived and said to him, “This is where I live, right here. If you guys want my property, make me an offer and let’s negotiate. I am not against the project, I just want to get a fair price.”  Lois responded that he did not know anything about Eminent Domain and Mahoney interrupted, “You do too. You guys can not make me move!”

Other officials had suggested to the Mahoneys that the village could use condemnation proceedings and declare the area of their property as “blighted”, meaning it would be declared an area encumbered by economic, environmental, health or social dilemmas – none of which is true for Prairie View Drive. It is just a legal maneuver to get out of paying a fair price for property in this instance.

After her fervent insistence that they could not simply take the Mahoney’s property from them, Lois had a clear and cold answer- “We will find a way”.  

The essence of the American Experience is best exemplified in the Declaration of Independence and the assertion that we, all of us in this country, have the right to a pursuit of happiness- one of the most important tenents of this principle is that one citizen’s pursuit not wrongfully and willfully violate the rightful pursuit of another’s.


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