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American Dream or American Nightmare: Part III



The scene at the Mount Pleasant Village Hall on October 11th was electric. The public was invited and people were watching graphics presentations all around the room. There were exciting exhibits covering all of the wonderment of the Foxconn project. The excitement was palpable. Upon arrival, the Mahoneys could have been hypnotized by the munificence of it all- to be right in the middle of all of the excitement of such a game-changer. But, then, in the shadows of all of the pomp and ceremony off to the right side of the circus-like room, they were summarily dismissed to meet with property acquisition specialists.

Okay, so maybe this was like winning the lottery and one has to go into some fluorescent-soaked institutional room to collect one’s winnings?  That would have been okay, but the reality was more baneful.

In spite of having heard reports from the Mt. Pleasant Board and seeing communications, wherein the exercise of eminent domain would be the very last resort, the very first thing that happened upon entry into the sidebar was the distribution of a letter. A letter which stated simply that the village was taking the properties from their owners by eminent domain.  So much for a positive change where all would be well- now, the Mahoneys were clear…eminent domain meant that they would receive a lot less for their property and that the needs of others in a multi-billion dollar concern would be met by the pain of those less fortunate- and, our elected officials were sanctioning it!

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Mahoney family could lose dream home to Foxconn