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American Dream or American Nightmare: Part II



The Mahoneys finally made the move into their newly built dream home in February of 2017. They have enjoyed the privacy and both their child and pet have thoroughly enjoyed the back yard.  

Finally, after 9 years of hard work, waiting and deferred hope, they were settling in and had a clear future for their family- or so they thought.  On October 4th things changed…without any previous discussion, the announcement that Foxconn was moving into the area was made public and they were invited to a public meeting to “discuss details” of the new exciting project.

Many thoughts ran through the Mahoneys’ minds, but certainly they had a constant internal conversation about how the excitement might just be the ticket they need- surely, they could trust their public servants to watch out for them. Our country and all of its citizens have always believed in justice.

October 11th could not come quick enough- they were worried about the uncertainty but believed that in this country, people are always treated fairly. Other land owners were preparing to sell their properties for 8-10 times the true market value. With a 385,000.00 investment in their property, one would think they might be able to raise as much as 3,000,000.00 to upheave their family and walk from their dream, right?  Think again.

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Mahoney family forced to move due to Foxconn