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A Replacement for the LCD?



Is the light behind the LCD a candle in the wind for the future of our area?

Micro-LED are not readily available as of yet, but already there is dialogue about whether this new technology will replace LCD and OLED in future. This is due to its strong potential to be a thinner, lighter, and brighter low power display.

Very important is the lack of need for a Thin Film Transmitter (TFT) on the back plate of the unit.  Eliminating various chemicals needed in the manufacture of TFTs (such as tetramethylammonium hydroxide)  makes Micro-LEDs much more ecologically desirable than LCDs with TFTs.

Even if we see micro-LED only in limited volume in the next few years, it will still have a profound impact on the display industry. Its potential as a candidate to be the next generation display technology will create doubts and uncertainties about LCD and OLED growth rates in the future. There will likely be a response in innovation and cost reductions in LCD and OLED display. Micro-LED success will depend on its ability develop a process for volume production and finding the formula for competitive pricing.

Setting up a 15-year financial plan for our children juxtaposed upon a pedestal of ever-changing electronic technologies could be a good plan or it might be that the light at the end of our area’s economic tunnel is just a candle in the wind. Surely, one would think that our elected officials exercise due diligence when making long-term taxpayer commitments, but then again, they gave millions to Chrysler just prior to their acquisition by Fiat and mass exodus from the area.

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